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Answers to All Your Event Entertainment Questions

There’s a lot to think about when hiring your event entertainment. You’ve probably got some questions. Don’t worry; we have your answers.

We’re looking to book entertainment for a big event. Like, a REALLY BIG event.2018-06-22T13:55:24-06:00

We’re happy to help! Even if you need a variety of acts and entertainers for multiple, simultaneous events within a single venue, we’ll be pleased to work together with you to coordinate performances of any kind for any space. We’re even able to integrate a bit of kid-themed entertainment so that you can go play with the grown-ups while we take care of the little ones – all in a day’s work!

We’re planning an event, but it’s going to be outside the province. We still really want to go with PM GIGS – can you help us?2018-06-22T13:54:58-06:00

You bet! We’re a Calgary-based events entertainment company, but are willing and able to provide entertainment options for anywhere across Canada.

What are the risks and liabilities associated with hiring PM GIGS?2018-06-22T13:54:32-06:00

There aren’t any! We make the safety of you, your guests, and our performers top priority. We’re a WCB member in good standing and maintain $5M in liability insurance, removing any risk or accountability from our clients. We carry the business licenses to work in the Town of Banff and Banff National Park (a bylaw requirement for anyone, even entertainers, working in Banff and Lake Louise).

Remember, anyone can write anything on a website. Ask anyone you’re hiring for proof of insurance, name you as a co-insured for your event, submit a WCB clearance letter, and proof of their business licenses. Demand proof! You’re the customer!

Can PM GIGS book an outdoors event?2018-06-22T13:54:11-06:00

Definitely! However, if it is an outdoors performance, we do require you to provide us with a tent (yes, even if the forecast is sunny and 25 degrees all week!). We’ve got some contacts within the industry and would be happy to help you make these arrangements, if you’re interested.

Will you be available to answer questions on the day of the event?2018-06-22T13:53:48-06:00

Absolutely! An enormous benefit that comes part-and-parcel with hiring PM GIGS is that we provide you with contact phone numbers for the entertainers performing at your event, and contact phone numbers for someone at PM GIGS in case of an emergency. We can also be there to help you organize the entertainment aspect of your event from beginning-to-end if your feeling too overwhelmed with all the details – providing on-site service the day-of and managing both the talent and audio/visual technicalities. Just one less concern for you to have to worry about!

Of course, this is optional, but know that it’s always an option you can count on!

We’re putting together an event out in the mountains – can you help us out?2018-06-22T13:53:14-06:00

Certainly, we can! It’s hard to top the beauty and atmosphere of Canada’s Rocky Mountains, which is why we’re proud to frequently provide entertainment not only here in Calgary, but also in Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, and any other mountainous locale you can think to name.

Why should I hire entertainment through PM GIGS when I could find my own entertainment searching Google?2018-06-22T13:52:49-06:00

We’ve taken the time to research and vet every entertainer we recommend. We remove the risk from you and your event. When you book through PM GIGS, you know it’s going to be excellent. We don’t just recommend any to “book the gig.” Our entertainers are professional, reliable and outstanding in their areas of expertise. You also get a written contract clearly stating the price, hours, scope of work, terms of payment, and, most importantly, contact information for the entertainment and for us in case there’s an emergency the day of your event. You also get a wide variety of entertainment in various price ranges suitable for any budget.

What sorts of entertainment are you able to book for our event?2018-06-22T13:50:11-06:00

This is our favourite question, because, to be honest, the sky’s the limit! We have a list of go-to performers and acts that we regularly work with, but if you’re searching for something a little more off-the-beaten-path, look no further. We’ve booked everything from typical musicians to fire-breathers, magicians, and comedians. Your wish is our command – we’re here to help bring the event you’ve envisioned to life.

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