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When you book with an entertainment company, the last thing you want to be doing is scouring for a second crew to help you with all the lighting, sound, and multimedia equipment. Save yourself time, money, and a potential headache by working with PM GIGS.

We know the best technical crews and equipment for every size, shape, and type of venue out there, and have years of experience wiring rooms so that things look and sound their best – all part of our commitment to providing beginning-to-end entertainment at each event we work.

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Peace of Mind

You should not have to worry about whether the lighting’s going to work or how to hook up the PA system for the band that’s about to go on stage. Let us handle the technical details without any hiccups and we’ll be happy to help you get everything plugged in and wired up on the big day.

Smooth Operators

It’s one thing knowing what speakers and multimedia equipment you need and where to get them (even in a hurry), but setting it all up so that it all fits together the way it should? And then your hoping it all works when you plug it in? That’s a whole different ball game. Trust in the know-how and expertise of PM GIGS to bring the right systems and tune them just-so in order to make everything look, sound, and feel exactly the way it should: like a professionally-planned event.

Beginning-to-End Entertainment

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to book your next event with PM GIGS is the fact that we’ll be there with you throughout your entire event (if you need us to be!), providing beginning-to-end support, assistance, and entertainment.


Everything was set up professionally and on time.  I did not have to call or pursue anything.  Just went downstairs and everything was ready. The DJ had everyone dancing the entire time.”
Tribute Pharmaceuticals, February 2018

“The entertainment more than met our expectations. They were professional and friendly. The set up looked great. They sounded amazing and every age group from 15 months – 75 years couldn’t help but tap their feet!

Erin Reding, Personal Event, February 2018

“The band’s ability to build on the crowd enthusiasm was great… there were no gaps between songs and the songs got better and better as the crowd got bigger and bigger. Their sound was great and allowed people to not only have a great time on the dancefloor but they were also not so overpowering that you couldn’t hear yourself think, which we have found with other bands. They encouraged sing-alongs and carried an incredibly high energy throughout the night.”

Banff Lake Louise Tourism, March 2017

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