If you’ve ever been in charge of putting together entertainment for a big party or event, you know that there are a lot of moving parts at play, and an intimidating number of factors to consider. Everything from location to budget to liability has to be taken into account – and that’s before you even get around to determining what sort of performance, act, or band you want to bring onboard for the evening!

At PM GIGS, we’re experts when it comes to entertainment, and are happy to walk you through the ins and outs making your upcoming event one for the ages. Read on, and learn all about how to plan a shindig everyone will remember!

Considerations for Creating Extraordinary Experiences

Whenever you’re putting together the pieces to create a memorable event, there are a few key elements you’ll want to keep in mind throughout the process, including:

What type of an event is it?
This should always be the first question you ask yourself when planning out an event, as it will dictate every decision you make moving forward. The entertainment needs of a wedding are going to be vastly different from those of a corporate event, Christmas party, or milestone birthday, so be sure these details are reflected in all of your planning processes moving forward.

What sort of an experience do you want your guests to have?
It’s important to determine from the outset what sort of an evening you’re looking to plan for your attendees. What the experience and goal of your event are should be a top consideration when considering talent for entertainment. If you’re aiming to create a professional environment for conference attendees, maybe consider background music that allows for networking instead of karaoke!

Have you considered budget, venue, and logistics?
Everybody would book Beyoncé for their event if they could – but, unfortunately, sometimes real-world considerations get in the way. Take the time to prepare a detailed budget, select a venue, and sort out all logistical concerns when arranging entertainment for your next big event. Going one step farther, be sure to have these figures on-hand throughout those early planning stages. That way, you know exactly what sort of performance you’re able to book from the get-go, avoiding the potential of re-planning and organizing your event multiple times before it happens.

What could you be at risk for?
Often overlooked until there’s a crisis or accident, liability is one of the first things to consider when booking an entertainer. If someone is hurt (or worse) during the gear load-in, the performance, or drives their vehicle impaired after consuming alcohol at your event, you’ll be responsible for any damages that could be a result of the incident. That’s why it’s important to always work with performers who have their own liability insurance and are members in good standing with the Workers Compensation Board – the alternative just isn’t worth the risk.

Is there a backup plan for “what-ifs?”
What would you do if the DJ you booked became ill and couldn’t make it to your event? How about if the band accidentally double-booked themselves on the same day as your wedding, but didn’t figure it out until the week before? Well, you’d have to find replacement entertainment…on your own…while you have hundreds of other details to manage, are working full-time, travelling for business, and/or are somehow managing three other events the same month. Often, the best backup plan is to first start working with a professional entertainment company. Why? Should these “what ifs” become realities, they are easily – and quickly – fixed. Entertainment companies have access to an army of talent in their roster, connecting you with your new entertainers who are equally as qualified, talented, and professional!

Nobody ever said booking entertainment was easy, though – which is why so many people are happy to let entertainment companies, such as PM GIGS, handle the legwork for them. Reliable companies should be able to manage these details (and more) so that when the big day rolls around, you can kick back and relax, rather than running around sweating the entertainment details.

Curious about how you can find the perfect entertainment and create a memorable event? Call PM GIGS today, and let us help make your next big event a success!

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