When you’re planning an event, the first consideration is usually making sure that the guests are going to have a great time – which is often more than a big enough task all on its own! However, there are definitely a few other important factors to plan for, as we discussed in our last blog entry.

One of the most important of these details to keep in mind, without a doubt, is liability. While it might not be quite as obvious a consideration as venue or logistics, foregoing to properly look into liability insurance is one of the easiest ways to turn your fun, happy-go-lucky event into an earth-shatteringly expensive one, all in the blink of an eye.

What is Entertainment Liability Insurance?

Entertainment liability insurance is essentially what’s going to keep you out of financial and legal trouble in the event that something goes wrong throughout the course of a performance that either causes someone to be hurt, or results in damage to the venue or property. This insurance also covers the time entertainers are loading in and setting up their equipment, as well as after the event when they tear it all down and load it out of the venue, This insurance can be an easy thing to overlook while planning for an event, but is without a doubt one of the most important elements of planning a successful soiree – if only for the potential that a lack of coverage has to wreak havoc if anything goes wrong.

What Does Entertainment Liability Insurance Cover?

Proper insurance is actually fairly comprehensive in its coverage, and takes care of any and all accountability associated with an event’s entertainment, including:

  • Injuries to performers and/or technical crew,
  • Injuries to guests as the result of a performance, setup, or teardown,
  • Damages to the venue as the result of a performance, setup, or teardown,
  • Damages to staging, and
  • Damages to equipment used during the performance.

Events and performances count on an incredible array of plans, arrangements, and individuals all working in-sync to go properly, and even the slightest misstep or oversight can have very real consequences. A loose speaker, a spilt beverage, or a tipsy guest near the edge of the stage is all it takes to send months’ worth of planning off the rails – which is why entertainment liability insurance is considered an absolute necessity for any professional entertainment service within the industry. Even if you think you’re covered for your event, it pays to check again and assess exactly what sort of coverage you’ve got. Often, unless you’re working with the right insurers, you can still find yourself left out in the cold if something goes wrong.

This liability insurance can be tricky to navigate, and is just one more thing to stress about leading up to your big event or get-together. Rather than worrying about it, many people choose to work through an entertainment company rather than the performers themselves. The company should:

  • Provide the proper coverage for their performer(s) and your guests,
  • Walk you through the potential risks of the event entertainment you’re planning, and
  • Give you assurance (and proof – always proof!) that IF there’s an incident, your entertainment has the proper insurance in place to remove the liability from your company and you personally.

If you are working with an entertainment company, we recommend they support you in understanding – and obtaining – the right liability insurance for their entertainers, and you should ask for proof as insurance BEFORE you sign a contract. Get in touch with us today, and discover how we can help make your next event fun, exciting, and, perhaps best of all, worry-free! Why would you ever hire any entertainment on your own ever again?!

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